First Fixes!

A clean-up and refinement update, incorporating a few things I've found playing my own solo game, as well as some feedback I've received.

  • found some places where more tables would be helpful to get over blocks; I should reach for the general oracle more, but sometimes a tailored table scratches an itch or inspires better.
  • some existing tables were weirdly unhelpful. I need hair and eye color or I can't function (weird quirks ftw) but some tables could serve double duty or were flat out atonal.
  • fixed up some pesky typos, probably added more.
  • added a full spread for instructions on duet play, and two duet examples, one with GM, one without.
  • left the page count divisible by 4 for printing, but cleaned off the endpapers. Still thinking about what should go there.



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Jul 21, 2021

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