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This is a narrative solo & duet ZineQuest 2021 game.

It is a procedurally generated catacomb crawl through a candlelit world of stone and skulls beneath a just-slightly-fantastical industrial city, where eccentric patrons insist upon shining the heavy, noxious electric arc lamps of progress, carried on the backs of poorly-paid apprentices, on ancient mysteries, and those mysteries retaliate with obsession and madness.

It has custom cyclic rules, inspired by Blades in the Dark and The Skeletons, for a high-authoring solo or duet experience where a player plays the apprentices balancing their own survival against their need to curry favor with their patron.

It also has system-agnostic tools to generate a (probably) unending crawl through vaguely disturbing, darkly whimsical catacombs, to create a vibrant, haunted city to return your tattered band to, to create miserable encounters along the way, and, finally, tools to populate everything in proper sly quasi-Victorian style.

so what's in here?

  • 192dpi half-letter format pdf
  • 192dpi a5 format pdf
  • 300dpi half-letter for printing at home
  • 300dpi a5 for printing at home
  • 300dpi cover

Also, I am slowly (very slowly) releasing the art that is public domain here. For more games like this one, please follow me here, or check out my website at www.hedonic.ink.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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