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This is the second version of a game that is a nod towards, and an affectionate hug for, the way almost every roleplaying game I’ve ever played has drifted, into a  kind of freeform but anchored by rules, high trust, low prep play.

It owes a wide number of debts, to years of playing TTRPGs and to 1e D&D, but also to Into the Odd, World of Dungeons, Galloway’s Wargaming (yes, really), and to several old forum posts. Sometimes an idea grabs hold and you just cannot let it go until it's out of your brain, and tangible. 

And, hopefully, enjoyably playable, though you'll find no surprises in here, only a handful of rules and procedures that ask the GM to serve as grease and glue, and the players to place their trust in the GM, and to explore, and create, a grand myth together. It's more or less OSR-compatible.

This is a substantial revision, streamlining procedures and elaborating on those that were too streamlined. It includes a new spread that touches on the fundamental "same page" assumptions of a game, new support for light prep, and better examples. See the dev log for the best list of changes I could muster.

StatusIn development
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TagsFantasy, fkr, nsr, OSR, Tabletop role-playing game


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This is solid evidence that RPGs are an artform. 

It's creativity in it's rawest shape. It's beautiful, it touches you, and you don't even have words to describe why.

The fact that this is offered to me, and freely, is a gift. One that I'm deeply thankful for. 


Awww, thank you so much! I'm so pleased to hear you enjoyed it!