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Welcome to the ancient realm of Belittlers Nit, the metaphorical land where the bodies of gods have been gutted and hollowed and left on the hillsides for the denizens to don.

This game is inspired by the above result from sadpress's random RPG generator as part of my monthly challenge to make a randomly sparked game. It is designed as a themed soloing experience but built traditional enough that you could play it in a group, with creativity. In keeping with the spirit of the challenge, it uses only procedurally generated art (quality varies).

  • wear a dead god's body and wield its power; maybe it talks to you
  • d10 over/under resolution, with pools to spend from to affect rolls
  • leverages OSR/retroclone monsters; uses HP, but also offers a no-HP variant
  • soloing tools, about two spreads of them, plentiful integrated oracles
  • a bunch of proverbs, along with recipes for using them to handle everything you need to seed with noise
CategoryPhysical game
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Tagsduet, solo, Tabletop role-playing game


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