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if is a light and experimental attempt to combine the techniques and strategies that I use for writing with dice--- organizing my solo plays into narratively cohesive, satisfying stories--- with some of my favorite inspirational tables and procedures for playing with dice. It is system and genre agnostic, asking you to bring your own assumptions and concepts. It contains: 

  • a simple character and resolution system that can quickly be replaced with one you like better
  • a robust soloing oracle designed to always tell you what to write next
  • a framework for progressing through the story towards a conclusion, built on my favorite writing patterns
  • a bunch of inspirational tables geared towards writing with dice
  • a cheerful and motivational aesthetic, sans skeletons or swords

This is a very specific kind of game tailored for a very specific audience, pushing some of the boundaries of what you might think "a game" is. I wrote it as October's game of the month but it took longer to decorate and playtest than I expected. Enjoy!

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I cannot express enough how much this game has changed me. I was a perpetual non-writer. I daydreamed about writing, I talked about writing, heck— I even had a few finished works from years past! But I never wrote; the blank page felt insurmountable… until katamoiran’s if came along. 

Now I am a writing demon. Today I woke up and the first thing I did was open if and write. The techniques provided are perfect for everything from fanfiction to published novels, from campy slice-of-life to the most horrific of horrors. You’ll feel suspense, surprise, and wonder as your story goes through twists and turns you didn’t expect, while staying true to the premise at heart. 

I’ve recommended if to my writer buddies so many times they probably think I’m sponsored, lmao. Thank you, katamoiran, and thanks for all the stories!!


I am so glad it's working for you so well! Makes me so happy for you; it's your discipline that's got you in that chair every day, your passion! Here's to many more words, and a very happy holidays! :)


Oh wow, this is very extensive, and incredibly generous for this price. Love the aesthetic too!

If you're interested in writing your own stories, but are at a loss where to start, this is definitely a great resource. Incredibly well done, super inspiring!


Oh, thank you! :)


In the few days I've played this, I've already generated more ideas and worked through some existing ones with more success than I had before. Thank you very much for making this available!


Glad to hear it! I also found I couldn't stop churning out cool ideas with it-- it's fascinating how it just seems to come together. Have fun and happy holidays!


Happy holidays to you too!