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PET is a one-page soloing framework for running your favorite system with virtual Players. It's a tiny little two page framework, but robust enough that it's my most requested "one page game"!

  • system agnostic; use your favorite mechanics
  • uses a 2d6 pbta-style Oracle based on your desired outcome
  • supports intraparty conflict (you can totally replicate those early D&D experiences where the rogue got bored and murdered the paladin for his stuff)
  • an entire page of plot-pushing random tables

If it's got too much bookkeeping, go ahead and just use the agenda tables. It works very well either way!

Note: this is identical to the one on my website katarpgs so if you have that, you have this.

StatusIn development
CategoryPhysical game
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TagsEmulator, solo


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Any chance of putting together a character keeper on google sheets? It would make play even easier! Excellent job!


Do you have a play example? I'm a bit unclear on how this works.


None of my own, but I found this through redditThe Gardens of Ynn & PET

... and I'm absolutely delighted someone enjoyed it that much! Ha. Never thought to google it before.


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What will happen if I will use PET with a GM-emulator, like Mythic? =)


Fun will happen! :D It should be all really compatible. I tend to use Mythic's oracle more than the full framework, but PET is intended to be usable in full or in part, with whatever systems and add-ons you please (with a little experience and tweaking).