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Not OGL. This is a collection of procedures  for running a retro fantasy campaign, featuring a light, flexible ruleset built on the frame of World of Dungeons, with compatibility with existing content (gotta be able to run those D&D monsters from 1986) a high priority.  It draws inspiration from across the hobby, from the OSR to the Dungeon World community to AD&D. Inside you'll find:

  • More character options, including classes and abilities, and a few heritages
  • GM advice and tools, including how to use hazard dice and time tracking, and a modified death roll that leans into the narrative
  • Reimagined magic, expanded binding, and a brief crafting system
  • Notes on how I convert monsters (when I do)

This is the edited, updated, tested at my table version, released in November 2021. It reflects several years of campaign play in my home game!

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Hello! I’m excited to try this. Are there character sheets? And, what’s the difference between the two downloads.

The regular is slightly bigger (6x9 ish) for style & ratio; the halfletter is just easier to print at home. Same in all other respects! And no character sheet, though you should be able to use the one from World of Dungeons here https://johnharper.itch.io/world-of-dungeons. Have fun!


I’m excited about this game. Thanks!

Any advice or pointers on how to print this? I want to gift it to nerds I like.

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Oh, sure (and aww!). The easiest option is Staples or Office Depot; the half-letter version is set up for printing through a service on letter sized paper and I've had report from folks that both companies worked fine. Home printing is a little more complicated, as you have to rearrange the pages. I'm working on getting a proof from drivethru, too, if that helps, though no real eta there yet.

I’m planning to print at home, I always have little things like this around to give to my nerd friends as they get to know rpgs better I can show them these cool mostly free things to help expand their palette.


Oo, that's tricky. Apologies if this is too basic advice, but what I'll usually do is use a program like Quantum Elephant's bookbinder on the half-letter pdf to handle the imposition. I know pdf readers will usually have a way of arranging pages as a "booklet" in the printing settings, along with duplexing, but I've never tried it!

Thanks! I think I can get Acrobat Reader or MSWord to booklet print the way I want. I didn't think to try it. I'll report back what I find out.

Update! Acrobat reader had zero problems printing this to booklet. I folded and bound it at home. Its going to a friend of mine who has just gotten into DM'ing 5e and is now really into homebrewing his own things.

WoDu 1979 is one of my favorite rules light systems ever and this is one of the best presentations. Thanks!