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This is a set of four 2x8 bookmarks meant to be included with zines printed for donation to little free libraries or similar projects. The idea is to be brief, aesthetic, informative, and welcoming.

It should print duplex (short edge) just fine, but I can only test with my printer. I have included an affinity package (the zip file) in case you want to tinker with it or change the text for your own use case, with instructions and links to the OFL-licensed full fonts.

Please feel free to do whatever you want with these files (except don't be hateful, as a rule). The included art is public domain (you'll likely recognize it) from The Book of Wonders (1889)

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rpg donate bookmark print.pdf 724 kB
rpgdonatebookmark.zip 875 kB


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Very cool!


So cool! Thank you for making this.


This is such a wonderful idea. Thank you for sharing!