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The cost was high to reach this place but your Blade bites deep, piercing the corrupt Blade-bearer’s heart before their Blade can end you. The eruption is spectacular, the dead god’s power spread for miles, and when you open your eyes after all has settled, much remains in you…

Verses: The Last Blade is a solo journaling tabletop rpg zine built on simplified gamebook-style prompts and steered by cards, designed to be a simple, extensible, and dramatic.

Seven swords, forged to slay seven gods made flesh. To consume their essences, and then to consume each other. Each finding its way to a new bearer, like you, instead. How many remain, hungering for each other?

This version has just one piece of art (drawn by me) but is otherwise finished and fully playable. The "mini" version is an experimental pocketfold (see the video from 3Skulls Publishing here for how to fold it & a template, it's easy, I swear).


Buy Now$6.00 USD or more

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Verses: The Last Blade lets you go on a quest wielding a dead god-sword and you might be cursed? I cannot recommend it more highly.